Exploring the School Choice Universe: Evidence and Recommendations


Exploring the School Choice Universe: Evidence and Recommendations


Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

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A comprehensive, complete picture of choice policies and issues. Examines choice in its various forms: charter schools, home schooling, online schooling, voucher plans that allow students to use taxpayer funds to attend private schools, tuition tax credit plans that provide a public subsidy for private school tuition, and magnet schools and other forms of public school intra- and interdistrict choice. It brings together some of the top researchers in the field, presenting a comprehensive overview of the best current knowledge of these important policies. The questions addressed in Exploring the School Choice Universe are of most importance to researchers and policy makers. What do choice programs actually do? What forms do they take? Who participates, and why? What are the funding implications? What are the results of different forms of school choice on outcomes that matter, like student performance, segregation, and competition effects? Do they affect teachers' working conditions? Do they drive innovation?



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Information Age Publishing


Charlotte, North Carolina


Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Education Policy | Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education


Gary Miron, Kevin G. Welner, Patricia H. Hinchey and William J. Mathis are editors.

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Miron, Gary. Exploring the School Choice Universe: Evidence and Recommendations. Charlotte, North Carolina: Information Age Publishing, 2012. Print.