How Many Therapists Does it Take? : the Wit and Wisdom of Psychotherapy


How Many Therapists Does it Take? : the Wit and Wisdom of Psychotherapy


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Have you ever wondered ... ... why a couple, now in their 90's and married for 60 years, got divorced? THEY WAITED UNTIL THE CHILDREN WERE DEAD ... how God and psychiatrists differ? GOD DOESN'T THINK HE'S A PSYCHIATRIST. ... how many therapists it takes to change a light bulb? ONE, BUT IT TAKES A LONG TIME AND THE LIGHT BULB HAS TO REALLY WANT TO CHANGE. ... what the doctor said to the man who thought he was a bell? IF THE FEELING PERSISTS, GIVE ME A RING. ... the reason a husband didn't speak to his wife for 18 months? HE DIDN'T WANT TO INTERRUPT. ... the difference between patients and the staff of a psychiatric hospital? PATIENTS GET BETTER AND LEAVE. ... why psychoanalysis is so much quicker for men than for women? WHEN IT'S TIME TO GO BACK TO THEIR CHILDHOOD, MEN ARE ALREADY THERE. ... the significance of the dreaded diagnosis, Cashew-Maraschino Syndrome? THE PATIENT IS CONSIDERED TO BE NUTTY AS A FRUIT CAKE. These and other curious questions are answered in HOW MANY THERAPISTS DOES IT TAKE?-an indispensable, inexhaustible treasury of laugh-out-loud jokes and anecdotes about the mad world of counseling. As the most accessible collection of therapist humor ever written, it highlights the folly, pretentiousness, and outright comedy that undergird the therapeutic-industrial complex.



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