Program Evaluation for Social Workers: Foundations of Evidence-Based Programs


Program Evaluation for Social Workers: Foundations of Evidence-Based Programs


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This text presents a practical and tested approach of how to do case- and program-level evaluations within social service programs. It provides an unintimidating conceptual understanding of how programs can become more accountable by incorporating uncomplicated evaluation strategies into their day-to-day service delivery activities. With the above in mind, this edition has been completely updated, revised (some chapters have been totally rewritten), and re-arranged in an effort to present the essential ingredients for programs to become evidence based. The result is a text eminently suited for social work program evaluation courses, administration courses, program planning courses, and program design courses.

* The book is student-friendly and written in a straightforward manner

* Emphasis on ethics, diversity, stakeholder involvement, and logic models reflected throughout the entire book

* Each chapter illustrates how its contents can be incorporated into evidence-based programs

* Its unique perspective blends case- and program-level evaluation techniques

* It highlights the monitoring approach to evaluation

* The book has a logical and flexible learning plan that allows a range of customization possibilities

* Prepares students to become accountable and competent social work practitioners and future program administrators

* Numerous, figures, tables, and boxes bring content to life Visit the companion website at for student and instructor resources



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Oxford University Press


Oxford; New York


human services, evaluation, case studies


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