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Office of Information Technology

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Fall 9-20-2019


Information technologies such as computers, mobile devices and telecommunications have become the principle change agents associated with the reshaping of higher education. As these technologies advance and evolve, end-user’s expectations continue to increase as they expect ubiquitous and reliable access to those technologies. At the same time many university technology support operations have struggled to keep pace with the needed infrastructure upgrades as well as maintaining the qualified support staff with expertise to meet these issues head on.

This challenge has been compounded over the years by the fracturing and decentralization of technology services and support along divisional and academic college lines. Decentralization often creates a culture where duplication of efforts abound and often results in added costs and inefficient use of human capital, it can also result in silos of communication and isolated pockets of expertise.


This poster was completed for Academic Leadership Academy 18-19 and was presented at Fall Convocation 2019.