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Employers and career services professionals are always looking for ways to efficiently connect students to internships and job opportunities early in their college careers. Streamlining the early identification process for college students and employers has become vital to higher education institutions and companies in Michigan as they strive to retain talent in the state. College and university educators are equally committed to helping students learn the professional networking skills necessary for achieving their career goals.

In order to address both outcomes, career services staff at Western Michigan University (WMU) created a five-day immersion program that allows engineering & applied sciences students to participate in a state-wide industry road trip. Program participants will visit companies, tour facilities, participate in case studies, network with HR staff, and connect with university alumni in industry. The initiative is designed to engage students in the career development process and connect them to hiring employers earlier in their college career.


This poster was presented at the WMU Leadership Colloquium on October 11, 2012, at Western Michigan University. Christopher Sell was part of the 2011-12 Academic Leadership Academy cohort.