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The purpose of this project is to inform more students about the baccalaureate social work degree and the possibility of a career in social work and also to provide students with an educational opportunity before they decide on or embark upon a career, to get a greater appreciation of the realities and hardships some people face in living and surviving (e.g. poverty, homelessness, immigration). This project will potentially increase student interest in a social work/human service career. The methods used will be discussion with students in their classes and at a reception and offering students a community experience for two days. Those who choose the experience will be introduced to some of the populations social workers serve as well as social issues that are often the focus of social work practice.


This poster was presented at the WMU Leadership Colloquium on April 16, 2009. Linda C. Reeser was part of the 2008-09 Academic Leadership Academy cohort.

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