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The physical and biological sciences provide a unique platform to attract and retain students interested in medicine, drug development, and basic and applied sciences. At WMU, the development of rational thinking skills and objective analysis of our world and how it works, positions our students to succeed in a competitive environment.

Current WMU students have difficulty envisioning their career path after they graduate from college, yet they have spent years acquiring and developing the tools of success. In order to help our students ‘see the light at the end of the tunnel’, a program called “Strategies for Success” was developed. Simply put, recent WMU alumni return to their alma mater and share their life experiences since leaving campus. Typically several alumni from various science-related fields give short, informal powerpoint presentations followed by an open question and answer forum. The experiences they share are heart-warming and engage our current students, showing them that their goals are attainable.

“Strategies for Success” was sponsored by a CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation and by many local companies and individuals.


This poster was presented at the WMU Leadership Colloquium on October 31, 2013, at Western Michigan University. David L. Huffman was part of the 2012-13 Academic Leadership Academy cohort.