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Increasing awareness of and appreciation for WMU, as understood and promoted through our brand, is part of the University’s Strategic Plan. WMU employs more than 3,000 faculty and staff – and each plays a key role internally and externally in promotion of that brand.

The Behind the W program was conceived as a way to bring clarity and consistency to the WMU brand and voice. It also was seen as a means to help increase faculty and staff understanding of their role in communicating the WMU story.

A “brand” is an amalgam of our reputation, our people, and our vision and mission. We so believe in who we are as an institution of higher education, that we have a “brand promise.”

Brand Promise: “WMU students are successful in life and work because of WMU’s quality programs and the commitment of its people. Alumni are our best evidence.”


This poster was presented at the WMU Leadership Colloquium on October 31, 2013, at Western Michigan University. Diana Berkshire Hearit was part of the 2012-13 Academic Leadership Academy cohort.

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