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Every January Western Michigan University (WMU) welcomes over 700 admitted students to campus to participate in the Medallion Competition for one of WMU’s premier $50,000 scholarships ($60,000 for 2016). These students and their families are introduced to the best WMU has to offer over the course of the daylong competition, yet many of the competitors that do not receive a Medallion have not been actively recruited post-competition via any university-wide effort. Honors First is a pilot recruitment initiative designed to meet this need and approved for a two year trial by WMU Provost Timothy Greene. Offering this group of students early registration fills the void that previously existed after students compete in January by offering them a full class schedule more than four months before classes begin and reminding them that they are still highly valued and wanted at WMU.


Presented at the Teaching and Learning Bash 2015.