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Student Affairs Marketing Communications provides support services Assessment Results for several Western Michigan University departments. In addition to a strong online Web presence, printed materials continue to be a popular medium for Dining Services, Residence Life, Student Affairs and Children’s Place Learning Center, a primary list of Student Affairs departments marketing does work for. Promotional materials are developed for both new students recruitment and retention of students. Throughout the year, the marketing department develops and designs a variety of projects in print, digital media and for the Web—in fact over 400 per year. The marketing team consists of a marketing manager, webmaster, marketing specialist, senior and a part time graphic designer. To keep the department deliverables project objectives within time and resource commitments it is important to be organized and systematic in the approach. Project managing is an important function of that organization. After ten year’s the system approach required review and updating.


This poster was presented at the Teaching and Learning Bash on September 17, 2015 at Western Michigan University. NAME was part of the 2014-15 Academic Leadership Academy cohort.

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