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Whether it is through fully online courses, web enhanced courses, or hybrid courses, nearly all students will participate in online learning during their time with Western Michigan University.

Often, services that are available to main campus students are not extended to online student. Administrators and staff must find ways to reach these students with innovative and accessible student support services that are commensurate with the services available to main campus students. Staff must also consider how web presence influences student experience, both positively and negative, and adjust web content and aesthetics accordingly.

Proposal – Enhancing the current WMU-Online Education web presence (see Images 1 and 2) by increasing student and instructor support features and revising website content and layout.

Objectives – Three main objectives:

  • Update website
  • Extend support services for online students
  • Strengthen instructor support services

Expected Outcomes – Improving web presence and support services will improve the academic experience of online students while helping WMU attract and retain online learners and stay relevant in an evolving educational landscape.


This poster was presented at the Teaching and Learning Bash on September 17, 2015 at Western Michigan University. NAME was part of the 2014-15 Academic Leadership Academy cohort.