Julie Apker

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Faculty fellowships provide faculty members with unique opportunities to contribute to WMU in varied roles outside of their home department. Several units on campus employ faculty fellows and each fellowship is designed to meet the needs of the unit sponsor. My fellowship at the Graduate College focuses on student and faculty engagement and success.

The Graduate College, as the institution’s primary advocate for graduate study, promotes academic excellence by shaping graduate policy, assisting faculty in guiding and mentoring graduate students, and integrating services that support students in becoming accomplished and ethical scholars, researchers and professionals (WMU Graduate College, 2015).

Under the leadership of Dean Susan Stapleton, PhD, the Graduate College serves approximately 5,000 students (21% of WMU student population) (WMU, 2014). The services and resources of the Graduate College extend from students’ first days and weeks on campus to post-graduation careers.


This poster was presented at the Teaching and Learning Bash on September 17, 2015 at Western Michigan University. NAME was part of the 2014-15 Academic Leadership Academy cohort.