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Fall 10-6-2017


This two-day seminar will provide instructors with explicit strategies for teaching and promoting inclusivity in classrooms and academic departments. Topics will cover addressing microaggresions; fostering allyship; and building alliances with faculty, instructors, and students from underrepresented minority and historically oppressed groups.

Day One, Creating Safe Spaces for Diverse Learners in the Classroom, will focus on pedagogical strategies that support students from various backgrounds. Workshops will be offered for faculty teaching in a variety of fields fields across the liberal arts (e.g. STEM, humanities, social sciences, arts, etc.).

Day Two, Safe Spaces and Support for Faculty and Instructors, will focus on how to respond to microaggressions and how to build allyship across the University. Participants will share experiences and advice on navigating the academy with respect to inclusivity.


Presented at the 2017 Fall Convocation, Western Michigan University