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Social Work

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Fall 9-14-2018


While the numbers are unclear, the amount of food waste on campus is quite noticeable. For anyone that has used our facilities and catering services, there are little options for the remaining food at the end of an event. Due to legal reasons, food is not able to be taken from the buildings. While this provides a hindrance on how to manage food waste, there are other alternatives.

At Ferris State University, a program called “There’s Food Here” has been implemented. This is a simple program where those that hold events on campus are invited to join a Facebook group. In this Facebook group, those holding events can notify the populace in the program of any remaining food and the amount of time they can come finish the remnants. This overall design is a program that I would seek to replicate at WMU. Within this document, I will outline the proposed program design, the various phases involved with rolling it out to the campus community and the potential WMU stakeholders that can assist program.


Presented at the 2018 Fall Convocation, Western Michigan University