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This Introduction by co-editors Georgiana Donavin and Eve Salisbury celebrates the publication of the first issue of Accessus: A Journal of Premodern Literature and New Media, a biannual publication of The Gower Project. The Introduction provides a short history of The Gower Project and explains the scope of Accessus: an e-journal dedicated to articles composed in electronic formats on Western European literature written before 1660. This first issue is dedicated to scholarship on the fourteenth-century English poet John Gower, who inspired the Project and this journal. For a decade The Gower Project has supported exciting new interpretations of Gower's poems that arise from theoretical and technological innovations. A brief summary of articles by Lynn Arner, Candace Barrington, Jonathan Hsy, and Tory V. Pearman prepares the reader for provocative analyses of Gower's trilingual oeuvre.