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Theorizing a Pan-African Development Framework for Africa and Afro-Caribbean Integration: Challenges and Opportunities

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27-5-2016 11:25 AM

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27-5-2016 12:30 PM


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The overall problem is that there is a seemingly conspicuous lack of a Pan-African agenda or mind set among Sub-Saharan African political leaders and Afro-Caribbean leaders. This paper takes the position that Pan-African development frameworks are the only approaches towards eradicating overarching social ills from Sub-Saharan African countries. In fact, it was through Pan-African development frameworks that Sub-Saharan African countries have gained their independence and political liberation particularly during the 1960s. As a result of the significant achievements made during the epoch of Africa’s decolonization, Sub-Saharan African countries must therefore return to Pan-African development frameworks to escape the draconian development policies of external development frameworks that are only geared towards sustaining global inequalities, economic debts and the exploitation of Africa’s human and natural resources. Apparently, foreign (Eurocentric) development frameworks will continue to undermine the Pan-African agenda of achieving an economic liberated United States of Africa. A conspicuous commonality between Sub-Saharan African countries and Afro-Caribbean countries relates to issues of sustainable development such as good governance and leadership. Hence, as a result of historical circumstances the challenges of both regions are same and/or similar. Therefore, there needs to be closer and more intimate ties between the continent of Africa and its Afro-Caribbean Diaspora. Perhaps, Pan-African development frameworks can facilitate closer economic and cultural collaboration between both regions. In order to elaborate on the importance of Pan-African development frameworks, the shortcomings and negative consequences of global capitalism will be highlighted. In addition, theorizations of Pan-African development will be contextualized as appropriate alternatives for African and Caribbean development futures.

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May 27th, 11:25 AM May 27th, 12:30 PM

Theorizing a Pan-African Development Framework for Africa and Afro-Caribbean Integration: Challenges and Opportunities

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