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2007 International Conference on Ethiopian Development Studies (4th ICEDS) A Multidisciplinary Conference on the Challenges of Peace and Development in Ethiopia & the Horn of Africa, held in Kalamazoo, Michigan (WMU), August 2-4, 2007

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In the following essay, the author will examine the need for a clear understanding of the transition process and economic development in Ethiopia. The country’s move towards a free market economy will be critically analyzed as an important step to fight poverty. This will also raise the question of what policies need to be changed to make the nation competitive. A case method is taken into consideration to examine various experiences from African and Asian developing nations. The analysis will be from leadership perspective and takes a business approach to examining the issues and primarily utilizes free market transitional theories. The following factors are carefully examined in the study of transition to market economy: 1- Porter’s Diamond 2) Higher education 2) Present policy and changes needed to accommodate this transition process. In conclusion, a summary of suggestions and recommendations will be presented. The recommended ideas will specifically take into consideration the present economic status of the country and will outline how leaders may proceed through the process of transition.