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Third International Conference on Development Studies in Ethiopia, June 18-19, 2005, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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This paper addresses the feasibility of the MDGs in Ethiopia, in general and in particular Education and Gender issues in relation with the deadline of 2015 a target set by the UN millennium declaration. The paper will assess the possibility of achieving universal primary education by 2015 in Ethiopia, for all school age children. The role required by parents and the community, private sector and what has been so far to achieve these goals will be reviewed as a follow-up to my previous paper (educating the community, Western Michigan’s Ethiopian American Foundation International conference, 2003). Both for education and gender equality in education, the paper will look at the policy options that lead to the achievement of the set targets. The paper will also try to briefly look at the progress in gender equality while at the same time looking at the quality and efficiency of education Finally, problems encountered, challenges, conclusions and recommendation while trying to achieve the MDGS will be presented.