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Prior to his positions at Valparaiso University, Dr. Schaefer taught at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia as a Fulbright Lecturer and has since focused his research in Ethiopia. As an economic historian, Dr. Schaefer analyzes Ethiopia’s integration into the world economy in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, looking strictly at economic indices such as trade, capital creation, money supply and credit and lending in order to partially answer the question: Why is Ethiopia poor? His research has since shifted to answer the question: Why is there conflict in Ethiopia and what can be done about it? This research initiative has focused on transitional justice. Dr. Schaefer co-edited The Ethiopian Red Terror Trials: Transitional Justice Challenged and has since researched methods of peace-building, reconciliation and restorative justice in Ethiopia. He is interested in modern African and Middle Eastern history focusing specifically on political and social history. The courses he teaches on a regular basis include survey courses on African history and global studies, and upper level classes in twentieth century African history; modern Middle Eastern history; and topics courses on human rights and humanitarian