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During late October 1982, a team of archaeologists from Western Michigan University conducted Phase II test excavations at three prehistoric sites located in the Galesburg Rest Area project along westbound I-94 in Comstock Township, Kalamazoo County, Michigan. Assessment in each case was achieved by means of a one percent random sample of the estimated site area. A mix of 1 X 1 m and 2 X 2m test squares was utilized, with the soil from each being processed through 6 mm mesh screen to facilitate the recovery of cultural material. Standard methods of recording the data were employed.

Although each has yielded some feature information (those features recorded for 20KZ176 were encountered during Phase I deep testing of the site), as well as various kinds of cultural debris, both prehistoric and historic, all three are clearly plow zone sites with only an occasional feature extending below the depth to which the· plow has penetrated in more recent times.

Given the very evident disturbance, together with cultural assemblages generally lacking diagnostic items and strong indications th :t the occupations were of an intermittent and extensive rather than intensive nature, it can be recommendcj that Phase III mitigation of these sites will not be warranted. Expansion of rest area facilities into the area where these three sites are located will have negligible impact on the archaeological record of the Middle Kalamazoo River Valley.