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Initiation of Project

In February of 1983 I was contacted by the State Archaeologist, Dr. John Halsey, regarding plans by the Department of Natural Resources 1 to develop a fishing access site at the Calkins Bridge Dam on the Kalamazoo River in Sec. 15 of Valley Township, Allegan County. Specifically, Dr. Halsey enquired whether this project would adversely affect the Elam Site (20AE195) an important prehistoric site situated near this locality (Figure 1). I info:nmed Dr. Halsey that the Elam Site would not be directly affected, but that the area for the proposed parking lot south of Allegan Dam Road should be investigated for possible prehistoric occupation because of its favorable location and proximity to Elam. In subsequent conversations with Dr. Halsey and Mr. Bruce Vollmar of the Fisheries Division, DNR, it was arranged that I would conduct an archaeological survey of the proposed access site in the spring of 1983 as part of the Western Michigan University archaeological field school in conjunction with planned field work at the Elam site. The work was to be done without cost to DNR.

The necessary Archaeological Exploration Permit to do this work was signed and returned to DNR on May 10. Field work in the parking lot area was conducted on May 12, 1983 using a field crew of 18 under the direction of two graduate student supervisors and the Principal Investigator.