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Project Inception

Michael G. Cote, District Geologist, Department of Natural Resources (Plainwell), contacted Elizabeth Garland by telephone on August 18, 1986, concerning preparation of an oil drilling locality in Valley Township, Allegan County. A map detailing the location was delivered to Garland by a representative of the Petroleum Leasing and Exploration Company (Allegan) the following day. Since the planned well site was seen to be near a stream and within half a mile of a known prehistoric site, an archaeological survey was deemed advisable. Field work was carried out on August 20 and 21 by Garland and two associates from the Department of Anthropology, WMU: David DeFant (1·1.A.), and Mary Jeakle (M.A. candidate).

Larry Grabowski of the DNR provided valuable advice in the field concerning the areas to be impacted. We would also like to tha-nk Zack Anderson and Mike Roberts of Petroleum Leasing and Exploration Company for their full cooperation in seeing this project to completion. We hope that Hiscock #1-11 is a gusher.