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With the execution of a Cultural Resource Investigation work authorization (#6-86/87) under contract #85-1115 (MDOS ER #4573), as amended, on 10 Oct 86 between the Michigan Department of Transportation, the Michigan Department of State, and Western Michigan University, authorizing Phase I assessment of the US-23 Weigh Stations project in Whiteford Township, Monroe County, Michigan, archaeologists undertook a systematic and intensive on-site survey of the project on 20-21 Oct 86.

Employing reconnaissance and shovel testing,procedures, the survey team thoroughly examined an area of 25.9 ha (64 acres), making not a single observation of potential significance with respect to the presence in the study area of archaeological resources.

Furthermore, interviews of local landowners, coupled with a literature, documents, and state site file search, also failed to produce information having a bearing on local archaeological resources. In the final analysis, all the information presently available to us strongly suggests that the proposed construction of new weigh station facilities along US-23 will not have an adverse effect on archaeological sites.