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Upon receipt of a grant to Western Michigan University and the author on 9 Feb 90 from Galien River Associates to support follow-up investigations an a series of prehistoric sites recorded during archaeological survey of an upland ares overlooking the Lower Galien River near New Buffalo, Michigan last fall (Cremin and Walz 1989), a team of archaeologists returned to the original study area in April and May for eight days of intensive study of eight sites previously recorded. The report which follows provides a description of the data recovery methods employed and the sorts of information retrieyed, an albeit brief evaluation of the data from the perspective of current knowledge about the southern Lake Michigan basin during the time these sites appear to have been occupied, and recommendations directed at the potential importance of the resource in question in light of both conservation of said resource and future research needs which additional access to the sites might very well satisfy.


Contributors: William M. Cremin, Gregory R. Walz, Daniel B. Goatley