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In 1979 Western Michigan University undertook the Phase I archae.ological survey of 20 miles along the proposed route of US-31, Matthew Road to I-94, in Berrien County, Michigan. A report on this work by Elizabeth Garland and William Mangold was submitted to the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Michigan Department of State in May, 1980 (Garland and Mangold 1980).

The 1979 site location survey identified eight sites partially or completely within the proposed right-of-way which were deemed to be sufficiently significant to require further testing. Site locations (on topographic maps) are provided on Maps 1-A, 1-B, 2-A, 2-B. Listed from south to north the sites are:

Eidson (20BE122) Wymer (20BE132) Rock Hearth ( 20BE306) Stover (20BE307) Taylor II ( 20BE309) Taylor I (20BE310) Kraklau I (20BE312) Kraklau II (20BE313)

A work proposal for Phase II testing of these eight sites was submitted to the Michigan Department of Transportation in April of 1980. A contract was subsequently executed, and field work began on June 30. Field work terminated on August 22 and resumed again in mid-September for three weeks (September 15- 0ctober 3) in order to complete an adequate Phase II test of the Eidson site.