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In 1980 the Kalamazoo Basin Survey moved upstream into the upper valley of Calhoun and Jackson Counties, establishing and investigating three transects located between the communities of Battle Creek on the west and Concord on the east (Fig. 1). Transect A encompasses 94.5 km2 of Convis, Emmett, Marshall and Pennfield Townships in Calhoun County. Transect B comprises 74.1 km2 of Albion, Eckford, Marengo and Sheridan Townships in the same county. Transect C includes 82.9 km2 of Concord and Pulaski Townships in Jackson County and represents the final transect to be investigated as part of the project. As in past years, transect boundaries are purposefully irregular, reflecting our desire to include within each survey universe as much ecological diversity as possible.