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  • Archaeological Research in the Thornapple Drainage of Barry County
  • The Project Area
  • Previous Archaeological Research in Barry County
  • Research Objectives for Phase One
  • Assessment of Current Land Use Patterns
  • Evaluation of Data in the State Site Files and Information Provided by Landowners/ Collectors and Local Institutions
  • Limited Surface Reconnaissance in Selected Portions of the Basin and the County
  • Description of Sites Recorded and Catalog of Surface Collections
  • Interpretations and Conclusions
  • Comments on Management of Cultural Resources and Future Research Needs
  • Catalog of Artifactual Material from the Survey
  • References Cited
  • Thornapple Basin Survey, Barry County, Michigan
  • Thornapple Basin Survey: Previously Recorded Archaeological Sites
  • Thornapple Basin Survey: Land Use Survey
  • Thornapple Basin Survey: Archaeological Sites