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The Schwartz (11-J-812; 2482-185) and Copeland (11-~-818; 2482-185E) sites are single component early Late Woodland encampments located in the Westfield Extension of Consolidation Coel Company's Burning Star Mine #5 in northeastern Jackson County, Illinois. The Westfield lies within but near the southern terminus of the Mt. Vernon Hill Country of the Southern Till Plains Division and is characterized by mature topography and low relief (Schwegman 1975). Elevation in the study area ranges from approximately 108 m ASL along the Little Muddy River, the principal stream passing through the Westfield, to 120 m ASL on adjacent uplands. The Little Muddy is tributary to the Big Muddy River, which it joins near the corner of Sections 14, 15, 22, and 23 of DeSoto Township (T8S R1W) at a distance of about 4.8 km SSE of the sites in question.