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At the request of Mr. William Slaght, archaeologists from Western Michigan University continued archaeological investigations on the property of Fenske Enterprises, 2637 Wilson SW, Grand Rapids, Michigan during the fall of 1989. As a fallow-up to our Phase I archaeo~ogical survey of the proposed site of a Class 3 landfill cell in May (Cremin 1989; ER-89111), we were asked to undertake a program of survey to include, at the request of Dr. John Halsey, State Archaeologist, selected deep testing of a 3.8 acre parcel on the Grand River where Fenske Enterprises proposed to create an area of wetlands to in part compensate for the loss of wetlands in the aforementioned landfill cell located a short distance to the north of present study area. There follows a report of research conducted on 7 Nov, 30 Nov, and 1 Dec 89 in the parcel adjacent to the river, together with recommendations derived from our intensive study of this area.