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Winter 3-2014


Below is the description of the session that was presented by Laura Ciccantell, (College of Education Advising), Kevin Knutson, (College of Arts and Sciences Advising), and Lenore Yaeger, (College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Advising) at the WMU Assessment in Action Day Conference 2014. The attached document is a handout used to aid the participants during the presentation and as a tool to use for assessment after the session.

"Are you a student support unit that has a vision for teaching students? We argue that every office that interacts with students on our campus educates our students! So why not measure what you expect each student to know, do and value because of their interactions with your unit? Join Laura Ciccantell (COEHD) Lenore Yaeger (CEAS) and Kevin Knutson (CAS) as they share the information they received at the recent Assessment of Academic Advising Institute 2014 in Albuquerque, NM to help promote a culture of assessment on the campus of WMU!"