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Spring 2017


Too many times, the assessment of student learning becomes an exercise of futility where faculty time is squandered and the result is many data and no information that is useful for the improvement of student learning. When properly understood and implemented, the assessment process can provide meaningful results that inform faculty about the achievement of outcomes, the alignment of the curriculum, and what can be done to improve student learning. Topics which will be discussed are the importance of well‐defined outcomes, curriculum mapping, the development of systematic processes, and reporting results for action.


Dr. Gloria Rogers, ABET Adjunct Director for Professional Services and Senior Scholar Higher Learning Commission, provided this plenary talk at the Western Michigan University Assessment Conference, March 17, 2017. (Dr. Rogers asked that the presentation not be shared on a public site as there is some proprietary information from ABET included within it. Western Michigan University faculty, staff and students may obtain a copy of the presentation by contacting Karen Stokes Chapo at: Attached instead are the session descriptions for the conference.)