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Spring 3-15-2019


Imagine booking a trip but never getting on the plane, or buying a movie ticket but never walking into the theater. Or what if you fully planned a program, but you never executed it? Barring environmental or extraneous factors, it’s hard to imagine not following through in these scenarios. Now, think about learning valuable information through an assessment project, but never using it. This should be equally unfathomable. The data collected in our assessments should be meaningful by informing our work and helping us continually improve. This presentation offers strategies on how to make data-informed decisions, demonstrate why this is the most important part of the assessment cycle, and review why you should share your results and the use of them with your entire college or university community.


Dr. Jen Wells, the Director of Assessment and Assistant Professor of Higher Education at Kennesaw State University, facilitated this workshop at the Western Michigan University Assessment in Action Conference, March 15, 2019.