WMU Gateways to Completion Program Panel

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Streaming Media

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Spring 4-8-2022


The Gateways to Completion (G2C) program focuses on helping WMU students to achieve success early on in their academic career through the use of planning, engaging pedagogies, analytic tools and expertise from the Gardner Institute. WMU’s G2C team consists of faculty, graduate assistants, part-time instructors, advisors, student success staff, administrators and peer educators who have all come together to address equity gaps for historically marginalized students through this program. Come learn about the work we are doing to create conditions in which all students may learn and thrive in their gateway courses.


This session was shared virtually at the 12th Annual Western Michigan Assessment in Action Conference on Friday, April 8, 2022. The panelists were Linda Hanson (Dept. of Chemistry), Thayma Lutz (Dept. of Mathematics), Monica McCullough (Dept. of Biological Sciences), and Tabitha Mingus (Dept. of Mathematics). Katie Easley (Student Success Services, Merze Tate College), moderated the session.

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