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Spring 2017


We examine determinants of prerequisite quantitative skill among Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students. Preliminary results suggest that undergraduate students are deficient in quantitative skills, even among a sample of finance students whom show greater quantitative ability than the mean BBA student. Mean math quiz performance among 164 student participants substantially lags faculty established expectations. We extend beyond traditional BBA pedagogy research by incorporating the Attitudes Toward Mathematics Inventory (ATMI) and language analysis in a business finance context. We find strong evidence for learning theory explanations involving quantitative prerequisite ability and non-cognitive measures. However, theories involving knowledge decay and demographic factors yield mixed results.


Matthew Ross, Haworth College of Business, and Michelle Wright, Office of Vice President of Research, shared this poster at the 2017 WMU Assessment Conference on March 17. They were the recipients of one of the 2016-2017 WMU Assessment Fellows Grants to conduct research on assessment of student learning outcomes.