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Spring 2017


This project is to assess if the multicultural mission of the WMU Higher Education and Student Affairs masters’ program (i.e., “recognize the centrality of diversity and inclusiveness to higher education and to effectively and ethically lead and serve in a dynamic educational culture”) is being fulfilled. Students in the HESA program will complete the Intercultural Development Inventory assessment during their first semester in the program (Fall 2016) and again in their final semester (Spring 2018). This pre-and post-test assessment will provide information regarding students’ intercultural development as a result of completing the program, which places an emphasis within the curriculum on diversity. Data collection for this assessment project will also consist of individual qualitative interviews, focus group interviews, observations of participant interactions in diversity-focused courses, document analysis of course syllabi, and online surveys, taking place over the course of two years.


Eric Archer, Educational Leadership, Research and Technology, shared this poster at the 2017 WMU Assessment Conference on March 17. He was a recipient of one of the 2016-2017 WMU Assessment Fellows Grants to conduct research on assessment of student learning outcomes.