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Spring 2020


WMU Signature validates WMU students out-of-class learning experiences to help them stand out to future employers and graduate schools. Through WMU Signature students explore and identify a passion, and then complete a unique experience of putting that passion into action, earning them a designation on their diploma. WMU Signature is built on research showing that co-curricular/extracurricular involvement, especially involvement that includes reflection, increases student’s cognitive and intellectual growth in college, as well as their overall satisfaction and retention. The purpose of this assessment project was to gather student feedback to continue to improve WMU Signature.


Ms. Allison Grime and Dr. Evan Heiser, from WMU Signature, created this poster to share information about their assessment project. They were the recipients of one of the 2019-20 WMU Assessment Fellows Grants to conduct research on assessment of student learning outcomes.