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Spring 2020


The purpose of this student learning assessment project was to evaluate the impact of integrating evidence-based instructional strategies in a graduate-level course on trauma and black adolescents. We addressed the following questions: (a) How well did the teaching strategies achieve the intended student learning outcomes? And, (b) what particular teaching strategies made a positive impact on student learning? Paired-sample t-test results suggested improvements in student learning outcomes. Results from qualitative analyses indicated students found a workshop approach to integrating evidence-based instructional approaches (e.g., guided notes, concept mapping, group work, in-the-moment feedback, and mini-lectures incorporating research and personal experiences) beneficial.


Dr. Bridget Weller, from the School of Social Work, and Ms. Winifred Wilson, from the Counseling Psychology Program at WMU, created this poster to share information about their assessment project. They were recipients of one of the 2019-20 WMU Assessment Fellows Grants to conduct research on assessment of student learning outcomes.