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Summer 2022


This project was the re-mapping of the Fashion Merchandising major (FMEJ) curriculum to improve the program curriculum and meet the standards of Textile and Apparel Programs Accreditation Commission (TAPAC) curricula and learning outcomes. The review feedback from diverse professional sources (i.e., the TAPAC committee, program faculty, industry professional, and expert) guided our decision to revise the FMEJ curriculum by proposing new courses, the proper sequencing of fashion merchandising courses, the degree to which the curriculum supports student learning, and the extent to which learning outcomes are appropriately addressed.


Dr. Zee-Sun Yun, Ms. Kelly Weathers, and Dr. Chitra Singh were recipients of one of the 2022 WMU Assessment Mini Grants, awarded to conduct research on assessment of student learning outcomes. Attached is the final report from their project, and the presentation shared during the 2023 Measures of Success Series.