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Spring 2023


The proposed project will result in the creation of two data visualization tools that map course learning objectives to program learning outcomes for the new Health Administration bachelor’s program. These tools will guide the development of a skill level curriculum map to determine which course(s) are most appropriate to assess program outcomes. Since the program is new, program assessment is in its infancy, thus the project will serve as a catalyst for developing a comprehensive program assessment plan. The project will also support the program’s goal of obtaining Association of University Programs in Health Administration certification.


Jessica Cataldo, Faculty Specialist I, from the School of Interdisciplinary Health Programs, was a recipient of one of the 2023 WMU Assessment Mini Grants, awarded to conduct research on assessment of student learning outcomes. Attached is the final report and products created from the research project, and a slide shared on March 15, 2024, during a presentation as a part of the annual Measures of Success Series.