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Spring 2023


This project is an IRB approved secondary data analysis that serves as a program assessment of the Climate Change Across the Curriculum learning community facilitated in Spring 2022. The primary objectives are to evaluate the learning community’s (1) success in supporting the integration of the complex topic of climate change across the curriculum through interdisciplinary faculty collaboration and (2) the role of this programming in promoting climate literacy among WMU students. Data include pre-/post-survey data on the learning community’s faculty participants, session notes, faculty module and course revision plans, faculty reflections on implementation of their plans, and pre-/post-climate literacy quizzes.


Dr. Elise DeCamp, Faculty Specialist I from the Institute for Intercultural and Anthropological Studies, and Part-time Faculty Fellow for the Office of Faculty Development, was a recipient of one of the 2023 WMU Assessment Mini Grants, awarded to conduct research on assessment of student learning outcomes. Attached is the final report from the research project, and a slide shared on March 15, 2024, during a presentation as a part of the annual Measures of Success Series.