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Spring 2023


In a department like Geography, an exit interview is used to assess programs. In a department like Mathematics, there is no existing exit interview or survey. Even for those interview and survey questions that exist, the questions could be shared and improved. A core group of chairs from Mathematics, Geography, and Philosophy would like to develop exit assessments. A larger group of units proposes to work together to develop a bank of exit interview assessment questions that can be used to assess undergraduate and graduate programs.


Dr. Melinda Koelling, chair from the Department of Mathematics, Dr. Cynthia Klekar-Cunningham, chair in the School of Communication, Dr. Todd Kuchta, chair from the Department of English, Dr. Heather Petkovic, chair of the Department of Geological and Environmental Studies, and Dr. Linda Borish, chair of the Department of History, were joint recipients of one of the 2023 WMU Assessment Mini Grants, awarded to conduct research on assessment of student learning outcomes. Attached is the final report from the research project, and slides that were shared by two of the grant recipients on March 15, 2024, during a presentation as a part of the annual Measures of Success Series.