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Spring 3-20-2023


This session highlights the accomplishments of a number of WMU instructors and staff who were recipients of the WMU 2022 University Assessment Steering Committee Assessment Mini Grant Program. With subjects ranging from assessment in literacy studies, fashion merchandising, and physical therapy, the presenters offer up insights that you can use in your own projects and courses.


This session included presentations by Amy Heath and Carrie Barrett, (WMU Department of Physical Therapy), Elizabeth Isidro, (WMU McGinnis Reading Center and Clinic, Special Education and Literacy Studies), Zee-Sun Yun, Chitra Singh and Kelly Weathers, (WMU Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Fashion Merchandising Program), who were all recipients of grants from the WMU 2022 Assessment Mini Grant program. The session was recorded on Monday, March 20, 2023, as a part of the Western Michigan University Measures of Success Educator Impact Series.