As a learner centered and discovery driven institution, Western Michigan University values the research of its faculty. The following articles, posters, etc. showcase some of the research interests of faculty members and graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences.


Posters from 2019

Molecular Phylogenetics and Diversification of South American Darters (Characiformes: Crenuchidae), Kimberly Foster, Nathan K. Lujan, Rebecca M. Everts, Brian L. Sidlauskas, Hernan Lopez-Fernandez, and Devin D. Bloom

Exploring Patterns and Drivers of Acoustic Diversity During the Dawn Chorus, Sharon Gill, Nate Fuller, Kathleen M. Baker, and Maarten J. Vonhof

Posters from 2014


Bioremediation of Crude Oil Spills Impacts Microbial Communities and the Magnetic Susceptibility of Sediments, Carol L. Beaver, Anja Williams, Estella Atekwana, Gamal Abdel Aal, Farag Mewafy, Lee Slater, and Silvia Rossbach


To What Extent is the Established Conceptual Framework of Animal Behaviour Portrayed in Textbooks?, Andrea M. K. Bierema and Renee S. Schwartz


Inositol Transport and Catabolism in Sinorhizobium meliloti, Ee Leng Choong, Mary Thwaites, and Silvia Rossbach

Establishing a Planarian Eye Ablation Assay: A Closer Look at Eye Regeneration, Michelle Deochand


Characterization of Microorganisms from Alfalfa Seeds Inoculants, Benedicte Diatta, Kalianna Kennoy, and Silvia Rossbach

Investigating Microbial Biodegradation of Ionic Liquids, Kathryn M. M. Docherty

Partial Characterization of Two Overlapping Open Reading Frames in the Frog Virus 3 Genome, Karim Essani

Identification of Plague Cellular Targets, John R. R. Geiser

Understanding Signaling Behavior of Songbirds in Noisy Soundscapes, Sharon Gill


GDNF Content and NMJ Morphology Are Altered in Recruited Muscles Following High-Speed and Resistance Wheel Training, Amy Morrison Gyorkos and John M. Spitsbergen


Parallel Integration of Visual Inputs Evoking Discrete Motor Patterns Leading to coordinated Avoidance Behaviors, John Jellies

The Role of Thylakoid Zinc-Finger Proteins in Photosynthesis, Yan Lu

Is a Mutation in the Cell Cycle Gene CDC20 Causing the Zombie Mutant Phenotype in Zebrafish?, Damir Museav


Is Specter a Mutation in the Cell Cycle Gene Cyclin B1?, Tetiana Petrachkova, Amber Bard, Jyotika Singh, Laura Bakke, Rachel Warga, and Don Kane


Electrical Stimulation Has Opposing Effects on Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Expression in Voluntary and Involuntary Muscle, John-Mary Vianney and John Spitsbergen

Research from 2008


Cholinergic Neurons Regulate and Utilize GDNF Secreted by C2C12 Skeletal Muscle Cells in Culture, John-Mary Vianney and John Spitsbergen

Research from 2004


Changes in GDNF Protein Content of Skeletal Muscle Following Involuntary Exercise are Long Lived, Kyle R. Kinnell, Monica J. Czarnopys, and John Spitsbergen