Interracial Communication: Theory Into Practice


Interracial Communication: Theory Into Practice



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Specifically addressing how interpersonal communication as process is potentially impeded because of how we are socialized to think about racial differences, this exciting and much-anticipated second edition of Interracial Communication: Theory Into Practice guides readers in applying the valuable contributions of recent communication theory to improving everyday communication among the races. Authors Mark P. Orbe and Tina M. Harris offer a comprehensive, practical foundation for dialogue on interracial communication, as well as a resource that stimulates thinking and encourages readers to become active participants in the solution process.

New to the Second Edition"Incorporates new topics: " This edition includes discussions of whiteness and diversity management within the workplace and a brand new chapter on interracial conflict."Provides updated statistics, research studies, and examples: "Changes reflect the state of study in a post-9/11 society, including discussions of how the media frame race in relation to Middle Easterners and Latinos and pending issues relative to illegal immigration."Offers student reflections: " Chapter concepts are brought to life through self-reflections about race as experienced by students enrolled in an interracial communication course."Presents additional reflections by the authors: " Each author offers new experiences to help readers understand how race is salient in their everyday lives, including friendships; romantic relationships; organizational, public, and group settings; and the mass media."Gives attention to all predominant U.S. races: " The book addresses African Americans, Asian Americans, European Americans, Latino/a Americans, and Native Americans in addition to discussing multiracial Americans.

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This is an ideal core text for courses such as Interracial Communication, Intercultural Communication, International or Global Communication, and Race, Gender, and Media in departments of speech communication, mass communication, and ethnic studies.



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Cultural pluralism, Intercultural communication, Race relations, Ethnic relations



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Orbe, Mark P., and Tina M Harris. Interracial Communication: Theory Into Practice. 2nd ed. Los Angeles: SAGE Publications, 2008.

Interracial Communication: Theory Into Practice