Immigrants and Their International Money Flows


Immigrants and Their International Money Flows



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International migration with an emphasis on workers' remittances. Chapters cover the impact of remittances on economic development and the interplay of immigration policies with human capital acquisition and labor markets in out-migration areas. Included are: * Migration and Remittances, by Susan Pozo. In her introductory chapter, Pozo discussues why remittances have become such an important topic to immigration researchers. * International Migration and Economic Development in Low-Income Countries: Lessons from Recent Data, by Robert E.B. Lucas. Lucas contributes a general overview of international migration and notes that, while understanding the connections between poverty and migration is important for furthering our understanding of population movements and their effect on the receiving country, it is also important to understand the economic impacts of migration for those areas experiencing out-migration. This leads to a crucial point: the immigration policies of in-migration areas can and do significantly affect economic development in low-income areas of the world. * The Effect of International Migration on Educated Employment, by Oded Stark and C. Simon Fan. * How Does Migration Affect Local Development? What Mexico's Experience Tells Us, by Christopher Woodruff. * Remittance Patterns of Latin American Immigrants in the United States, by Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes. * Remittances in the Pacific, by David J. McKenzie. McKenzie accesses survey data found in the Pacific Island-New Zealand Migration Survey (PINZMS) to support an informative case study of the migration of Tongans to New Zealand. Since some one-third of Tongans have emigrated and their remittances comprise 39 percent of Tonga's gross domestic product, this is an especially interesting case study that reveals several conclusions relating to the impacts of the long-term flow of remittances. * The Power of Home: Remittances to Families and Communities, by Leah K. VanWey.



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Susan Ponzo, Editor.

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Pozo, Susan. Immigrants and Their International Money Flows. Kalamazoo, Mich: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, 2007.

Immigrants and Their International Money Flows