Spirituality and Civilization Sustainability in the 21st Century

Spirituality and Civilization Sustainability in the 21st Century


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This book investigates the state of civilization in the 21st century, which is characterized by the transformation of Western Civilization into Global Civilization and the resulting Great Recession, triggered by the financial crisis in the United States in 2008. Since the state of former Western Civilization is steadily worsening, the question is rising whether civilization is sustainable at all. To answer this question, 20 authors, members of the International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations (from several countries and continents) investigate the aspect of human spirituality, and whether its actual level of development is able to steer the sustainable development of civilization? The authors investigate the complexity of the current state of world civilization and the Planet, concluding that western societies entered the Second Great Crisis of Civilization, and reminding that the First Great Crisis took place after the fall of Rome I in 476 CE, and lasted till the Italian Renaissance, which means almost 1000 years. This book offers spirituality 2.0 as a possible tool for people to behave wisely in order to sustain our civilization. This new spirituality 2.0 contains a set of complementary best values of current eight civilizations, which should lead to tolerant (less-conflict driven) human behavior and wise decision-making. The book finally defines Wise Civilization and paths of its implementation, under the condition that people will be not only knowledgeable, but wise and inspired mainly by right spirituality.



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Hauppauge, New York


Nova Science Publisher's


History of Religion | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion | Sustainability


Andrew Targowski and Marek J. Celinski are editors.

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Targowski, Andrzej, and Marek J. Celinski. Spirituality and Civilization Sustainability in the 21st Century. Hauppauge, New York: Nova Science Publisher's, Inc., 2013. Print.

Spirituality and Civilization Sustainability in the 21st Century