Global Civilization in the 21st Century

Global Civilization in the 21st Century


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The purpose of this book is to evaluate the question: What does the New World Order (NWO) mean in the 21st century? After the Polish Revolution in 1989 and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the Soviet Union in 1991, many people expected better times than those during the Cold War between the West and East. Since Communism lost to Capitalism, can the latter promote freedom and happiness for all of us everywhere? However, this dream did not happen, vice versa we face now so called liquid times, times of instability and chaos. Therefore, this book is written for those who would like to know why the supposedly ideal economic solution known as Capitalism cannot bring happiness to all of us as it is promised by its promoters. This means that the book should be interesting for all kinds of readers and could be potentially read by millions. The book discusses Hegelian dialectics under the form of competition among ideas that have been neglected in the NOW-21st century and unopposed Capitalism has been transformed into Turbo-Capitalism, also known as Undemocratic Capitalism. This process is supported by additive waves of globalization taking place in the last 500+ years. Eventually in the 21st century humanity is facing the resulted transformation of western civilization into global civilization. The book analyzes this transformational process and its positive and negative repercussions for humanity.



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Nova Science Publishers


Hauppauge, New York


Focus on civilizations and cultures


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Targowski, Andrzej. Global Civilization in the 21st Century. Hauppauge, New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2014.

Global Civilization in the 21st Century