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For some time I have been aware of a need to have additional ways of helping people open up to see what they do to defeat themselves. The need is to help people see, and honestly face, what they do to bring about defeating results in their lives. When people can see what they do to defeat themselves, they are in a better position to make non-defeating choices. The various characters in this book have been created by me to serve as vehicles to fulfill this need. The characters themselves do not represent real individual people, but the information contained in the characters is accurate information concerning how people bring about such things as depressions, worry, alienation, impotency, failure, and the like.

Although this book is an entity in and of itself, the best utilization of it is as a supplement to my previous book entitled ELIMINATING SELF-DEFEATING BEHAVIORS.! That book is a basic text in the area of self-defeating behaviors, and this book can serve to give examples of how people implement defeating behaviors. I see this present book being used by individuals to help themselves, but I also believe helping professionals such as counselors, teachers, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and others can use this book to help open their clients' eyes to seeing more clearly what they do to defeat themselves.

Personally I have had a great deal of enjoyment in creating these various characters. I hope my enjoyment comes through so that the reader can not only learn some valuable things about defeating behaviors, but can enjoy involvement with the book as well.

Milton R. Cudney, Ph.D. April 10, 1975

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Cudney, Milton R. Self-defeating Characters. Kalamazoo, Mich: Life Giving Enterprises, 1975. Print.

Self-Defeating Characters