The Mainstreaming of Evaluation: New Directions for Evaluation


The Mainstreaming of Evaluation: New Directions for Evaluation



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1. Mainstreaming Evaluation (James R. Sanders) The concept of mainstreaming evaluation is defined, and the question of why mainstreaming is not more prevalent is addressed.

2. Mainstreaming Evaluation or Building Evaluation Capability? (Three Key Elements Paul Duignan) An overview of three approaches to mainstreaming evaluation that have been used in New Zealand, particularly in human services programs that serve both European and Maori populations, is presented.

3. The Rigidity and Comfort of Habits: A Cultural and Philosophical Analysis of the Ups and Downs of Mainstreaming Evaluation (Nancy Grudens-Schuck) This chapter describes frameworks for understanding the meanings of evaluation mainstreaming based on anthropological research in Indonesia.

4. PIE à la Mode: Mainstreaming Evaluation and Accountability in Each Program in Every County of a Statewide School Readiness Initiative (Abraham Wandersman, Paul Flaspohler, April Ace, Laurie Ford, Pamela S. Imm, Matthew J. Chinman, Jeffrey Sheldon, Arlene Bowers Andrews, Cindy A. Crusto, Joy S. Kaufman) This chapter describes the framework and implementation of a program accountability system in a statewide initiative that was developed to enable practitioners to provide evaluation information required by legislative mandate and to develop the capacity of practitioners to systematically plan their program, implement with quality, and self-evaluate.

5. Helping Evaluators Swim with the Current: Training Evaluators to Support Mainstreaming (J. Jackson Barnette, Anne Baber Wallis) This chapter proposes approaches to evaluation training that aim to seed the field with practitioners who are able work with organizations in an overtly participatory manner.

6. Issues and Practices Related to Mainstreaming Evaluation: Where Do We Flow from Here? (David D. Williams, Mark L. Hawkes) This chapter summarizes Presidential Strand and other selected sessions from the 2001 annual meeting of the American Evaluation Association.



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Barnette, J. Jackson., James R. Sanders, and American Evaluation Association. The Mainstreaming of Evaluation / J. Jackson Barnette, James R. Sanders, Editors. 2003. Print. New Directions for Evaluation ; No. 99.

The Mainstreaming of Evaluation: New Directions for Evaluation