Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness : The Physical Best Teacher's Guide


Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness : The Physical Best Teacher's Guide


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Research shows direct links between regular physical activity, good health, and improved cognitive performance. Your students will receive those benefits when you incorporate the latest edition of this best-selling text into your physical education curriculum.

Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness: The Physical Best Teacher’s Guideis a practical, field-tested tool that provides teachers with strategies to emphasize health-related fitness while maintaining all the components of their existing programs. It also guides teachers in developing effective new fitness education programs.

This new edition is based on up-to-date research, current NASPE standards, and the new 2010 National Physical Activity Guidelines. It includes

•updated health-related fitness concepts and expanded discussions on teaching principles and training concepts;

•enhanced information on assessment, nutrition, inclusion, and goal setting;

•examples for applying the material in real-world physical education settings; and

•ready-to-use instructor resources, including a presentation package and a test package.

Physical Education for Lifelong Fitnessguides you in teaching fitness concepts through enjoyable activities and shows you how to use fitness testing as an educational and motivational tool. It provides an in-depth look at physical activity behavior, motivation, and training principles; it also presents aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition as they relate to your teaching. It also examines exercise protocols and outlines strategies for curriculum development that serves a variety of needs.

The text can stand alone or be used with the Physical Best Activity Guidesfor the elementary, middle school, and high school levels. Each of the activity guides comes with a CD that supplies worksheets, charts, and many other educational tools.

Physical Education for Lifelong Fitnessis the text for NASPE Physical Best specialist and instructor certification workshops. Physical Best is also designed to complement Fitness for Life resources (health-related fitness knowledge and activities for students K-12) and the Fitnessgram®/Activitygram® fitness and physical activity assessment.

Use Physical Education for Lifelong Fitnessto update your curriculum with cutting-edge information and to infuse new life into your physical education program—which will have a healthy impact on the lives of your students, both now and far into their future.



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Suzan F. Ayers and Mary Jo Sariscsany are editors of this book and authors of the first chapter.

Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness : The Physical Best Teacher's Guide